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Instapaper Ad Dog licks have been considered medically beneficial to humans for millennia.

In ancient Egypt, dogs were used in healing practices since they believed that dog licks help heal injury or cure disease. Fijian Local 90293 men fuck also allowed their dogs to lick their wounds.

And in fact, this common belief does have some truth to it.

Wounds heal faster in the oral cavity than on Women looking casual sex Tad skin and research has shown that when human saliva is placed onto a wound, it heals more quickly. In addition to water and mucus, human saliva contains enzymes and antimicrobial compounds that ward off infections, and histatins that speed up wound healing by promoting the migration of new skin cells to the wound site.

Now, research has shown that dog saliva has its share of the good stuff.

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In a recent analysis of saliva from Labrador retrievers and beaglesresearchers found that canine saliva contain an assortment of antimicrobial enzymes, proteins such as lysozymes and immunoglobulins, and antimicrobial peptides, which tear holes in bacterial cell membranes. Though these researchers did not find histatins in canine saliva, the genome sequence of Sweet wives want real sex Tacoma indicate that they produce proteins that are quite similar.

Even Barack Obama has his doubts about doggie kisses. He's not wrong: Dogs are known to be carriers of a of bacteria and viruses that can cause disease in humans: rabies, norovirus, pasteurella, salmonella, and campylobacter, for example.

But nearly all cases of disease involve a dog bite or contact with fecal matter. The source Hot dumfries girl having sex infection was likely her Italian greyhound. After two weeks of intensive care and broad-spectrum antibiotics, she recovered fully.

The authors of this case report write that in general, the elderly are disproportionately prone to infection, due to age-related immune dysfunction and increased pet ownership. Still, the chances of picking up a bacterial infection from your pet are quite slim.

Recently, a study published in PLoS ONE found that the oral microbiome of dogs is very different than the human oral microbiome. Only Understanding the canine oral microbiome can help scientists learn about how dogs could be a potential source of pathogens and parasites and how the canine Housewives wants real sex Belspring Virginia interacts with pathogens.

My thoughts? Just be careful with open wounds and mucus membranes.

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